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Women's Joy Circle-For Joy Seekers

Offering ‘The Womens’ Joy Circle’

With our busy lives, we sometimes barely have time to breathe, let alone taking a moment to step back and think about what makes us joyful. We get stretched so thin - juggling our businesses or jobs, family, relationships, money - a thousand things. There is sometimes more pain and stress than smiles. You feel that there has to be a better way and you need to start finding out how - now.

This Women’s Circle will help you learn new ways of how to take little breaks and help prioritize happiness in your life. You get to define and create what Joy, every day, is for you!

Who is this for?

Women who want:

• To simply have more joy and fun and smiles, and less stress,
everyday and are not quite sure how to have this

• To start to recover and move forward after big or small
life changes: a loss, being an empty nester, a divorce, a change of job,
retirement, a move…

• To have a change in their lives but not sure what that is or have a need
to break away and be more of your true self!

• To be connected to a new supportive community of women

Learn more about how to create your own joy and grow?

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What are some of the things you will learn and find out?

• Find out what is holding you back and getting in the way of a happier life

• Identify what a joy-filled life is - for you

• Feel stronger and more in control of your life

•Create new skills and practices of BEING joyful & much more…

• You will use your new ideas and practices and connections to begin to create
space in your life and open up to new possibilities, fun, fulfillment - for You

What do you get?

• Two months of connecting- 1.5 Hours each, twice a month

• A One-to-one Personal Coaching Session between the two of us

• Access to a private Community of like-minded women

• A signed copy of my book “How To Soar With a Broken Wing” and my new companion ‘Joy Journal’ 

Think of this as a mini-getaway with Marybeth Gregg, Author and International Coach.
New Book - How to Soar with a Broken Wing - Finding Tiny Moments of Joy, Every Day

Where and When?

We gather virtually Mondays twice a month starting on March 1st and ending on April 26th at 6:00-7:30 pm Eastern Time

For this most important investment - which is You!

For early bird sign-ups before February 7, 2023, use this code: joy23 And receive $100.00 off, for a special of $250, compared to $350. 

Grab this opportunity now – this invitation is limited to 8 women-we already have some spots filled and I want you to be part of this amazing journey!

Marybeth Gregg

Why Work with Marybeth?

International consultant, coach, author, entrepreneur, mother, great friend, fun seeker, and adventurer. Marybeth Gregg is the President and Founder of The International Center for Women's Leadership. Throughout her 30+year career, she has worked in human development for several global corporations, providing coaching and transformational performance programs for individuals and teams.

Marybeth's coaching clients say that their work with her truly "helped to change their lives into something wonderful that they would not have even imagined." They talk about how "incredibly caring she is while, at the same time, how she stretches them and gets them to dig deep down and pull out the best that is within them." When she works with them, they "feel like there is no one else more important" than them.



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